For those wanting to find relief from achy physical discomfort and mental blockages, the Gorilla Butter strain provides relief in these areas.

Best For Uplifting Moods: Gorilla Butter Strain 

With dozens of cannabis flowers on the market, there are so many to pick from for many cannabis enthusiasts, especially the Gorilla Butter strain. 

Gorilla Butter is a hybrid flower, bred by Fresh Coast Seed Company, combining Peanut Butter Breath and GG4 strains that produce an energetic uplifting mood and a relaxing sensation throughout the body. 

The flower makes an ideal strain to consume when you’re wanting to feel energetic and complete bliss. Most users tend to enjoy Gorilla Butter for the unique compounds it contains. 

We will gather the details about Gorilla Butter’s terpenes, effects, strain type, and more to give you insight into the flower. 

What’s Gorilla Butter Strain?

Gorilla Butter, also called Gorilla Butter F2 #12, Monkey Butter, or Gorilla Butter F2, combines Peanut Butter Breath and GG4 strains, making it a hybrid flower.

The cannabis strain is bred by Fresh Coast Seed Company back in 2019. 

The flower has about 18% to 23% THC content and 1% CBG, depending on where you get the strain.

When looking at the cannabis flower for the first time, you may notice interesting neon coloration throughout the buds along with skinny orange pistils cascading around the buds. The buds also form a grape-like structure that makes it distinguishable from other cannabis flowers. 

The crystal trichomes appear white and gold which gives the overall appearance of the cannabis flower.  

Is Gorilla Butter Strain Sativa Or Indica?

Gorilla Butters has an even 50 to 50-ratio of sativa and indica strain types that deliver neutral energies upon consumption. 

The strain is great for those looking to enhance their daily lifestyles by having a perfect blend of uplifting and calming energies.

For those wanting to find relief from achy physical discomfort and mental blockages, the Gorilla Butter strain provides relief in these areas.

What Are The Gorilla Butter Strain Effects? 

When consuming the Gorilla Butter strain, the euphoria takes effect within a few minutes which provides a slow relaxative and light-lifting sensation for your internal functions. 

Since it contains both indica and sativa elements, you may find Gorilla Butter produces a functional high that doesn’t throw you on the couch or embeds you with highly energetic jitters. 

Many consume the flower to try something new that provides synergistic blends to the mind and body. 

What Kind Of Terpenes Are Inside Gorilla Butter Strain?

Gorilla Butter contains Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Pinene terpenes that are responsible for the strain’s nutty, spice, and vanilla aromatic flavor profile. 

Myrcene provides a fruity, earthy aroma with a hint of clove spice. The terpene is the dominant aroma in Gorilla Butter and sets the tone of the flavor. 

Caryophyllene is known for its spicy and peppery aromatic profile that takes the Gorilla Butter strain to the next level. 

Pinene is a pine and earthy-smelling terpene that provides a good aromatic base for Gorilla Butter. 

These terpenes combined make the cannabis flower for what it is that provides a dominant buttery taste and aroma profile. 

What Is The Gorilla Butter Strain Good For? 

For those wanting to find relief from achy physical discomfort and mental blockages, Gorilla Butter provides relief in these areas. 

It allows a person to have a clear mind and gives them a boost of elation to alter their internal being. The relief many may feel from physical pangs is due to the flower’s relaxing elements it gives off. 

You can get things done feeling content without worrying about the little things in life that give you a sense of bliss. 

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